Investment Partners


Marcos C. Gonzalez, founder and managing partner. Marcos is a private equity, venture and angel investor, having invested in many companies in the USA and abroad. In between investment funds, Marcos co-founded a tech company in Boston during the first internet wave of the 90s. Before tech entrepreneurship and investing, Marcos worked for the Boston Consulting Group. Marcos is a Brown University and Harvard Business School graduate.


Xavier Del Rosario, investment partner. Xavier cut his teeth at Morgan Stanley investment banking division in NYC and later at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), investing in social media, infrastructure and consumer software. Xavier has also been a tech entrepreneur in both NYC and SF. Xavier is a Harvard College graduate.


Sofia Ramos, analyst. Sofia is a new team member and recent graduate where she majored in Political Science and participated in the Riordan Scholars Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management from 2012-2015. Sofia is a UCLA graduate.


Lisa Riedmiller, CFO. Riedmiller & Associates LLC provides CFO and Fund Administration services to a boutique collection of VC clients demanding experienced, nimble and high-level support. Lisa has over 30 years of venture capital fund accounting, investor relations and fund administration experience. Lisa started her career in Venture Capital with OSCCO Ventures, one of the first VCs to break ground at Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. Lisa holds a BA from Cal State San Jose, graduating Summa Cum Laude.


Operating Partners

VamosVentures is committed to creating a pipeline of women VC investors. One way to do this is to identify great women who have an interest in this space and include them on deals. Our Operating Partner program is specifically meant to do this by allowing for deal experience accumulation while still at your employer.


Vianni Busquets. Vianni is a media, marketing and communications industry expert. Vianni is currently at Guerrero Howe in Chicago. Vianni is a University of Wisconsin graduate.


Yara Lorenzo. Yara is a transaction attorney and real-estate entrepreneur in Miami. Yara is currently a senior associate at Hogan Lovells. Yara is a Brown University and St. Tomas law graduate.


Eliana Murillo.  Eliana has been an entrepreneur and marketing evangelist, currently leading Google’s multi-cultural marketing efforts. Eliana is a Harvard College graduate.


Venture Partners

Our Venture Partners have either launched their own or invested in tech companies, and collaborate with us in pursuit of our mission. This list will grow over time.

Ivan Cavero. Ivan has over 20 years of experience as senior architect, and software & product developer (RealNetworks, AVID, Nokia, Adobe), and tech entrepreneur (co-founder & CTO). Ivan is currently a senior architect at Apple. Ivan is an MIT graduate. 


Alejandro Estrada has over 20 years of experience as an angel investor, tech entrepreneur and operator. Alejandro began his career at McKinsey and later became a senior executive at Visa International. But not before participating in the first tech boom of the 90s as a co-founder, and then becoming an Angel investor in Silicon Valley. Alejandro is a TEC de MTY and Harvard Business School graduate.

Jesse Martinez.  Jesse has over 20 years of experience in the Silicon Valley technology sector as an entrepreneur, founder and manager.  Jesse has founded three tech companies, raised capital from a variety of investors and been through the growth pains of scaling. Jesse is a committed part of the Hispanic tech world as a founder of The Latino Start-Up Alliance. Jesse is currently Salesforce’s first entrepreneur in residence. Jesse is a Texas A&M graduate.


Pedro Arce.  Pedro has over 25 years of experience as a financial services and banking executive and social entrepreneur. Pedro founded Veritas Community Bank to address the financial needs of New England's underserved markets, raising capital from investors and institutions. He is an adviser to start-ups, non-profits and has held leadership roles at financial institutions in New England building broad professional networks. He is a UMass Amherst (BA) and Boston University (MS) graduate.